Thank you for your interest in my writing. I am a freelance journalist and frequent contributor to the Los Angeles Times.

For nearly two decades I have been privileged to report stories of courage, heartache, faith and love. Through candid interviews and hands-on experiences, I am given the opportunity nearly every day to walk in someone else's shoes. Whether these shoes are the tattered sneakers of a homeless person, the black Army boots of a Vietnam War veteran or the dainty pink slippers of a 103-year-old woman, the amazing people I meet as a journalist take me places that I wouldn't otherwise go.

Many of my current articles focus on travel, cuisine, weddings, first-person and profiles of exceptional people. Ah, how I adore writing about people - everyone truly has a story to tell and I pride myself on my ability to bring forth genuine stories of depth from within the people that I meet.

And this is the crux of why I love my profession. With every story, I learn something new. A Redondo Beach couple, married for more than 50 years, taught me lessons on unconditional love. A 17-year-old diagnosed with leukemia taught me about courage. A man living with AIDS taught me about survival.

Through their vivid recollections, colorful anecdotes and emotional testimonies, strangers welcome me into their lives and their hearts. I often leave an interview knowing that, while I may never see that person again, I will never forget them.

Lessons on dignity, strength, compassion and courage. These are the perks of my job.

By the way, do you have a pair of shoes you'd like me to try on?

Kim Kabar